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November Promotion: Offi Kids on Sale

Save 20% on many of our most popular products for kids!
  Through Sunday, November, 18th ONLY

Wood Chalkboard Table ($399, $100 off)

Baltic Rocking Horse
($119, $30 off)

Play-a-Round Activity Table ($239, $60 off)

Look-Me Chairs
($159, $40 off)

Through this Sunday and while supplies last, we are offering 20% off each of the following items from the Offi Kids collection:

DiscountProduct Name and colors
20% OFF! Mini-Drawer Chair - white
20% OFF! Hide-n-Sit Armchair
20% OFF! Rockabye Rocker - blue and orange
20% OFF! Doodle Desk - blue and orange
20% OFF! Play-a-Round Activity Table
20% OFF! Sled Desk
20% OFF! EVA Foam Chair - red/orange
20% OFF! EVA Foam Chair - blue/green
20% OFF! EVA Foam Table - red/orange
20% OFF! EVA Foam Table - blue/green
20% OFF! Kapsule - purple and green
20% OFF! Look-me Chair
20% OFF! Laminate Mag Tables - white, black and red
20% OFF! Puzzle Chair
20% OFF! Baltic Rocking Horse
20% OFF! Tote Tables - blue, green, orange, pink, white and black
20% OFF! Woody Chalkboard Table

We also have a number of other products on sale

Some of our remaindered items are still available. Save as much as 67% on these items when purchasing from qualified retailers. For a complete list of all on-sale items, see all of the Offi Sale Pricing web page.

Sale pricing is valid for a limited time only, and is not available from all retailers. If you cannot find a dealer near you with this pricing, here is one approved Offi on-line partner offering all of these deals. For a complete list of discounted Offi items, please take a look at our On Sale Items page.

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