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... MARCH MADNESS: Up to 75% Off
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For a Limited Time Only ... Up to $800 Off

It's getting near time for spring cleaning, and we need to empty the warehouse! Offi is offering discounts of up to 75%, and up to $800, on 15 of our most popular Offi Kids items! Minimum savings of either 50%, or $500, depending on the price of the item. You can find them at any of our on-line partners, including Pure Design Kids. We have also dropped prices on a number of items for the home; you can always find a complete run-down of all our currently on-sale items here.

Items For 2/3 Off ... or More!

We are offering our classic Roll-top Bench for 75% off ... a savings of $300! The Snap Chair (73% off), Snap Table (67% off), and Friend Bench (67% off) -- all part of the popular "Built-by-Me" collection -- are a minimum of 2/3 off! Buy a table, and two chairs to go with it, and save $460 (your cost $197, normally $657). Amazing! And if you buy at certain partner sites, such as Pure Design Kids, shipping costs will be proportionately reduced for you, also!

Roll-top Bench

Snap Chair

Items For $500 Off ... or More!

The twin size Kip Bed is $800 off ... and you can save $900 on the full-size adult version! The Bebe 2 Crib comes in two heavily-discounted versions: Natural Ply (at $700 off), and White MDF (at $500 off). You can save $500 each on the Bebe 2 Changing Station and High Cabinet.

Bebe 2 Crib

Bebe 2 Changing Station

Additional, incredible bargains:

Rock-It Chair (60% Off)

Spaceframe Builders Kit (50% Off)

Snap Stool (61% Off)

Snap Step (54% Off)

... and there's more!

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